BAKO North Western Hosts Exclusive Chocolate Workshop to Expand Bakers Skills

On the 24th January 2013, BAKO North Western proudly hosted an interactive workshop, in association with Callebaut, in their training facility the ‘BAKORY’.

The exclusive workshop, to which a select group of bakers were invited, concentrated on improving skills in the ‘art of chocolate’. Callebaut, a company who specialises in this sector, runs a number of demonstrations of this kind throughout the year, but it have never specifically targeted bakers before. Sam Hayward, BAKO Marketing Executive and event organiser comments “By holding this workshop we can help our customers expand their skills and therefore product lines. Chocolate, as a product, can help make goods more premium; and with the luxury market buoyant, even during the recession, these skills could help our customers businesses increase their margins and profits”.

Callebaut enlisted the help of Beverley Dunkley, who is currently the head of Callebauts UK Chocolate Academy, to run the event. Beverley’s passion of chocolate has taken her all over the world, including a stint as a pastry chef in a Michelin star hotel, as well as time spent in Switzerland and Luxemburg in order to work with world renowned chefs such as Ewald Notters, to advance her creative skills.

The workshop itself consisted of a morning presentation about the uses and origins of chocolate and a ‘hands-on’ afternoon learning to work with chocolate to create new products. After lunch, customers were happy to don their aprons and put the theory of chocolate into practice. Beverley comments “One of the main techniques they will learn today is the art of tempering which creates a beautiful finish to their goods and stops them becoming discoloured and mottled, this is very easy and is a skill that can be applied in many bakery applications”. Customers went onto to make chocolate lollypops and bouquets which could command a high price within their shops.

Everybody who attended commented on how much they enjoyed the day and could see how the skills learnt could be used within their business.

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