ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

Environment and Sustainability Policy Statement

BAKO North Western shall manage, monitor and improve its environmental performance through the implementation of the international Environmental Management System Standard ISO14001 and is fully committed to the responsible use of energy, water and other resources. The Company aims to minimise any negative impacts on the environment, while maintaining operational goals and high levels of service for internal and external customers.

BAKO North Western is committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance and achieving best practice wherever possible, in line with all relevant environmental, legislative and other requirements.

BAKO North Western shall provide senior management commitment, an appropriate management structure and cost-effective resources to achieve the highest environmental standards possible, thus contributing to continuous improvement and long term sustainability. This shall be achieved as follows:

  • Reducing the use of natural resources and emissions of carbon dioxide.
  • Minimising waste production and reducing the environmental consequences of waste through the waste hierarchy and implementation of reduce, re-use and re-cycle principles.
  • Avoiding or limiting, wherever practical, the use of environmentally damaging substances, materials and processes.
  • Preventing pollution where possible and reducing pollution through the responsible management of hazardous waste.
  • Minimising any adverse environmental impact of new development.
  • Communicating with the outside community regarding environmental performance and best practice.

The Company has set the following targets:

  • To reduce electricity usage by 1% per annum for 5 years.
  • To reduce the use of paper within the business by 1% per annum for 5 years.

This policy shall be made available to staff, customers and the public and shall form part of the Company's campaign to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

This policy shall be reviewed annually. The Environmental Manager shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

Current Projects

BAKO North Western has passed phase 1 and 2 of its ISO14001 Audit and is now fully accredited, view certificate here

Our Environmental Committee, which includes members of staff from across the business, reviewed the Company's processes to identify all elements of our operations that might interact with the environment and has implemented relevant operational controls to minimise risk from these areas. Committee members are also working together to document and identify potential targets for improvement. Some of the areas already identified are as follows:

  • Use of paper
  • Use of pallets
  • Water consumption and waste
  • Electricity consumption
  • Purchase of company cars
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Involvement in external environmental projects.

We have recently nominated individuals across the business who are responsible for implementation of the ISO 14001 standard in their departments. These 'Champions' have established environmental procedures in their departments and trained colleagues to ensure every member of staff is aware of the standard and the objectives being worked to.

Some of the initiatives we have implemented across the business include:

  • Collecting rainwater to wash our wagons
  • Recycling various materials
  • Centralising print functions
  • Using economical fleet vehicles
  • Using recycled copier paper
  • Using energy saving lighting in various areas of the business

Other News

BAKO North Western has also become a corporate member of The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. Joining the scheme will help BAKO to access knowledge and various levels of expertise on environmental matters linked to our business sector, as well as providing a great opportunity to invest in the local community. It will also help to form our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, something that will, in turn, further develop our environmental reputation as a business. Some of the current Trust members include United Utilities, Booths, UCLAN, Warburton's and Manchester Airport.

To view a full version of the BAKO NW Environmental Policy please click here

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